Stylish New Smartwatch Lets You Track Your Health Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars - 


You shouldn't have to break the bank just to get a cool piece of tech that tracks your health and keeps you healthy. And now, thanks to one amazing new product, you don't have to.....

A brilliant new company called YoYoFit is disrupting the multibillion dollar smartwatch industry with a single mission: “provide stylish health tracking for everyone at an affordable price.”

You see, for the longest time, a small handful of multi billion dollar corporations have had a monopoly over the smartwatch industry, allowing them to set any price they wanted and take advantage of the consumer.

But now, thanks to YoYoFit Smartwatch, their time has ended, and stylish, affordable health tracking is available for everyone. You see, YoYoFit has figured out how to make a better smartwatch (many tech geeks agree), for a tenth of the price… and consumers can’t get enough of it.

“In my opinion, it’s the next generation of Smartwatches… I’ve never seen tech this good before.”


I Wore It For A Week, Here's What I Thought:

My Review: As an owner of an Apple Watch, I was upset. Not because there was anything wrong with the YoYoFit Watch. But because the YoYoFit Smartwatch was, in my opinion, better than my $700 Apple Watch, and it cost a fraction of the price... The YoYoFit Watch comes loaded amazing features and a smooth, easy to use interface that keeps you healthy and productive throughout the day. It's super comfortable and stylish to wear, and I was able to workout with it on without worrying about it getting damaged because it's waterproof and scratch resistant. It's design is sleek and beautiful and I was blown away with the quality. My final thought - don't buy a smartwatch from a major corporation when you can buy an YoYoFit.

Here are some of the features it comes with consumers might like:

*Leading Edge Design: HD full touch color screen, fashion UI with easy operation

*6+ Day Battery Life: get a week of battery life without stopping to charging

*Health Tracking: Keep track of heart health, blood pressure, sleep and more

*Multi Exercise Mode: choose from activity modes to get real-time stats during workouts


We took 3 of the leading smartwatches and mixed in the YoYoFit Watch, then gave them to a dozen consumers and told them to try and pick the most expensive one. Ten out of the twelve people chose the YoYoFit watch, saying it felt like the highest quality, looked the best, and operated the smoothest.

Then we asked them to guess how much they think it costs. The average guess was $500! "With all of these features, I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to $1,000 price tag..." When we told them it actually costs under $50, their jaws dropped and they all asked where they could get one!

Right now the YoYoFit Watch is taking America by storm, and the large corporations are scrambling to try and figure out what to do and how to deal with BingoFit.

Many consumers are shocked to learn they sell their watch for just $49 

Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

The time to buy the YoYoFit is now, this discount won't last long and it's selling like crazy.

Having more features and better build quality than watches that cost up to 10x more, it’s a no brainer for anyone thinking about getting a smartwatch.

It also makes an amazing present from family, friends, or coworkers. They’ll think you spent a ton of money on them.

If you have never owned a smartwatch - the YoYoFitwach is the perfect first time model.





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